The problems we solve

In the earliest and most sensitive phase of the product or service lifecycle, you will convey how you want to change the business and disrupt the market by drawing on your extensive expertise of specific markets and industries.

The challenge you face is to set up an organisation which will get the idea to a prototype product, and then make that product ready for the market


Specs Definition


Testable Prototype


First functional version


Limited release


Global Launch

From incipient ideas, across requirements, business and engineering specifications, prototyping for early feedback and validation, to a Minimal Viable Product launch and beyond. This is where we have proven to be an invaluable partner.

We will be a powerful driver of your startup operations, saving you time and energy to focus on what you do best.

Key aspects of our approach

Expectation alignment

We insist on involving entrepreneurs, investors and their future customers from the earliest steps of ideation and design, making sure everyone is on the same page all the way. We will make sure there are no surprises, miscommunicated requests or failed expectations. Rapid response development

Rapid response development

Our team reacts quickly to market-driven changes in product, shortening time-to-milestone points through all stages. In our latest major case, creating an “Uber” for the trucking industry, it took only 3 months from zero to shipping a prototype for feedback and validation by the end customer.

Standards compliance

We help you define, test and improve standard operating procedures, removing obstacles toward quality certification of your product.

Our Team

Dejan Restak


Dejan’s mission is to create a company of experts that can apply the latest technology and create the best possible experience for the users of Vibe’s products and services worldwide. In his early career, during the 1990s and 2000s, Dejan’s principal achievement was to create the most vibrant and progressive online community in South East Europe around a revolutionary medium. Driven by a passion and desire to inspire positive change in society, Dejan lead a team that created, a trailblazer in web technology, digital community development, media convergence and content monetization in this part of the world.

Ivan Aksentijević


Ivan leads Vibe’s product design and engineering. Starting out in the 1990s, he founded a successful digital agency and consulted on digital products in telecoms, construction, finance and travel industries. In 2005 he took up the CTO role at Groundlink and performed it for a whole decade, developing the technology team from its first employee. Ivan developed the company's complete IT infrastructure and practices from scratch, and nurtured R&D efforts in the dynamic global ground transportation market. Since 2011, he has been program director at the Startup Academy in Belgrade, happily mentoring the local startup community.

Ivan Jureta

Head of Product Strategy

Ivan creates management methods and processes to ensure smooth progress from rough business ideas to working products. He has performed founder, investor and/or advisor roles, as well as lead roles in product design for digital services that serve more than 500.000 people every day. Ivan is also an associate professor and tenured scientist, with two books and more than 80 papers published on decision analysis, decision methods, and their automation via AI.

Ognjen Lopušina

Product Designer

For more than 13 years, Ognjen has been passionate about crafting digital experiences in fields as diverse as transportation, media and gaming. For 7 years, he was in charge of transitioning GroundLink’s operation to mobile. When not rapid prototyping or pixel perfecting, Ognjen is a huge Polaroid fan.

Aleksandar Ivić

Product Manager

Aleksandar is a technology enthusiast and his main goal is to solve everyday problems while writing solid code and having a good time. His main responsibility at Vibe are product management and backend programming, but he is also involved in many other facets of work. The projects he has worked on are infused with a great team atmosphere, good communication and awesome code. This approach led to many happy clients like Fr8Hub, Atlis, Beiersdorf...

Dušan Vojnov

UX designer

After 15 years of working as art director in advertising agencies such as Leo Burnett, Grey and Orange studio, Dušan decided to step out of his comfort zone, and tackle the interactive design. It gave him the opportunity to work on something new and exciting, as technology constantly changes. Besides regular work, he has some of his illustrations and comics published, as he is a big fan of illustration, comics and manga

Matija Milčić

Full Stack Engineer

Matija enjoys solving puzzles in various forms, especially ones that involve code. He is in touch with the latest technologies and wants to become highly proficient in backend and frontend development in order to live long and prosper.

Boško Zeljković

Front End Engineer

Boško considers himself as a JavaScript fan with all it’s chaotically great ecosystem. He has almost 2 year of experience developing mostly front-end stuff. For that time he was involved with almost every main JS framework, library, tool etc., such as React, Angular2, Redux, JQuery… Beside this Boško is a huge sports fan, fan of every day laziness which includes PC games, movies, tv shows.

Ljubiša Milošević

Full Stack Engineer

Ljubiša has worked on e-commerce and ERP solutions in the past, in technologies such as php, javascript, python. When not writing code, Ljubiša likes to play drums and make miniature Christmas villages and movie props.

Srđan Svrdlan

Senior Software Engineer

Srđan has 12+ years of experience, primarily on backend and using Microsoft technologies, mainly .NET (C#) and MSSQL Server. A brief run-in with Erlang completely shifted his interests towards Elixir, Erlang/OTP and open source. Going from developing e-banking solutions at New Frontier Innova, to helping maintain and grow complex betting solutions at SKS365, his passion for Elixir landed him at Vibe. Outside work, Srdjan enjoys singing, going to the gym, and a wee dram of single malt scotch whisky.

Milan Burmaja

System Architect

Milan has 20 years of development experience in front-end and backend technologies, with particular focus on elixir/erlang, ruby, .NET (C#). At Vibe, Milan is a system architect and backend technical lead. In the past, he was tech lead on an embedded backoffice solution for ProCredit Bank, a business relations manager and system architect at Groundlink and system architect and tech lead at SKS 365, a betting company.

Milan Jarić

System Architect

Milan is a system architect with 11 years of experience building B2B and B2C applications in a variety of business domains, including insurance, banking, transportation, and betting. Milan has mastered OOP, as well as the best practices and patterns in software development. His specialties are Ruby, Ruby On Rails, C#, JavaScript, SQL, .Net, Elixir, Erlang, C++ CLI.

Marija Simić

QA lead

After Faculty of Philology and two years in freight industry, manual testing of software was challenging call, however desire for new achievements brought Marija to QA world, in which she is now almost two years. Writing Test Cases and ensuring that developed system has high quality are her main responsibilities.

Lazar Ristić

Full stack developer

Lazar is classical geek developer with tons of gadgets and cables all around him. He loves to talk with Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. He brought his love of automations (read geekness) in video editing and ballroom dancing. Time with friends spends playing board games.

Tajana Pupovac


Tajana studied Spanish and English language and literature. From 2012. have worked as translator, as Dispatcher and also as Call Center supervisor. Now, as a part of QA team she is working on manual testing on Fr8hub project. Very passionate about photography and traveling.

Uroš Jovanović

Business Analyst

Uroš graduated in 2014, after which he continued his master degree studies in management engineering at the Politecnico di Milano University. While staying in Italy he was employed as a Junior Business Startup Analyst at Polihub, one of the biggest and most successful business incubators in Europe. He specializes in business analysis and business development for digital startups, and is very passionate about everything related to entrepreneurial ecosystem. Keen on sports, history, video games and travelling.

Dušan Duduković

iOS developer

Dušan started developing Objective-C apps during college and then transitioned to Swift during his internship at Vibe. He now actively improves and designs apps architecture, with the goal to keep the code clean and organized while following the latest standards and patterns. With his mind always set on the overall best possible outcome, Dušan tries to bring balance and clarity into everything he does. Off work, Dušan practices meditation and is keen on psychology, science, music, video games and hanging out with friends.

Mustafa Güray Taydaş

Business Analyst

Guray holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Cukurova University, Turkey and a Master of Management Engineering from Politecnico di Milano, Italy and previously worked as a BA @PoliHub Start-up District & Incubator, Italy. Apart from his interest in Engineering & Technology, he is fond of Astrology, Behavioral Psychology, 80s Music & Craft Beer.


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